Roane County Schools

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Regular Meeting of the
Board of Education of the County of Roane

May 27, 2021

6:00 pm @ Roane County High School, Spencer, WV

This agenda is available to the public upon request at any time during regular business hours preceding the upcoming Roane County Board of Education meeting. Public participation and attendance are welcomed and encouraged. This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the County School System's business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. There is a time for public participation during the meeting as indicated in agenda item, "Presentations." Speakers are asked to express themselves in a civil manner, with due respect for the dignity and privacy of others who may be affected by your comments. While it is not our intent to stifle public comment, speakers should be aware that if your statements violate the rights of others under the law of defamation or invasion of privacy, you may be held legally responsible. If you are unsure of the legal ramifications of what you are about to say, we urge you to consult first with your legal advisor. The Board reserves the right to amend this agenda with emergency personnel/financial matters which may arise after publication.

  1. This meeting may be joined remotely. The public can join by calling 1-304-553-7794 and entering the conference ID 688 119 457 or by joining on Microsoft Teams using this link.
  2. Presentations
    1. Positively Charged
    2. Public Participation
    3. Student Achievement
  3. New Business for Consideration and Potential Action
    1. Approval of Job Sharing Arrangement per WV Code 18-5-13 (t)
      1. Amy Cole and Cari Ward for Summer SOLE Teacher (split to be determined at the discretion of the Summer SOLE Coordinator)
    2. Appointment of Firm for Architectural and Engineering Services for the new Spencer Middle School
    3. Review of WVDE Virtual School Toolkit
    4. Year-End Reflections with Local School Improvement Councils
    5. Restructuring of Grant Accounting to Support ESSER and Beyond
      1. Revised Job Descriptions
        1. Director of Curriculum & Instructional Support
        2. Director of Operations
        3. Director of Student Support Services
      2. Create New Position of Project & Grant Accountant, Roane County Schools, to be funded by ARP ESSERF
    6. 2021-22 Budget Hearing and Approval
  4. Consent Agenda - (Action)Motion by _____________________ and seconded by _____________________ to approve the following consent agenda, as recommended by Richard Duncan, Superintendent.
    1. Approval of minutes of Regular Board Meeting on May 13, 2021.
    2. Financial
      1. Transfers/supplements to the budget
      2. Payments of bills as submitted; pre-approval to release checks not to exceed $20,000 prior to the next board meeting
      3. Financial Reports
    3. Policies
      1. First Reading
        1. Policy 340 - Safety (revised)
        2. Policy 410 - Enrollment (revised)
        3. Policy 420 - Attendance (revised)
        4. Policy 430 - Student Health Services
        5. Policy 513 - Extra-curricular Assignments (revised)
      2. Annual Review
        1. Policy 227.1 - Parent and Family Engagement (no changes proposed except to update effective school year)
    4. Contract(s) / Bid(s)
      1. Approval of Contract with School Building Authority of West Virginia and Acceptance of $13,950,090 Grant for New Spencer Middle School
      2. Approval of Bid from Oscar Henry Co., of Charleston, WV, for New Restrictive Master Keyway System ($150,012) with Alternate A ($7,098)
      3. Addendum / Renewal of CWEP Contract with WV DHHR
  5. Personnel Consent Agenda - (Action)Motion by _____________________ and seconded by _____________________ to approve the following personnel items as recommended by Richard Duncan, Superintendent.
    1. Retirement(s)
      1. Burgess, Randall - Bus Operator (Bus #65) (RCS - Operations), effective June 7, 2021
      2. Jarvis, Howard - Teacher / Driver Education (Roane County High School), effective October 29, 2021
    2. New Employment(s)
      1. Hedges, Marie - Summer SOLE Counselor (Spencer Middle School), effective June 14, 2021
      2. Parkins, Melinda - Summer SOLE Counselor (Spencer Middle School), effective June 14, 2021
      3. Dolan, Corena - Summer SOLE Teacher (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective June 14, 2021
      4. Cole, Amy - Summer SOLE Teacher (Spencer Middle School), effective June 14, 2021
      5. McClure, Ashley - Summer SOLE Counselor (Walton EMS (50%), Geary EMS (50%)), effective June 14, 2021
      6. Conrad, Tasha - Summer SOLE Custodian (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective June 18, 2021
      7. McClure, Ashley - Counselor (Geary Elementary / Middle School), effective August 9, 2021, pending certification
      8. Monk, Sarabeth - Teacher / 5th Grade (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective August 9, 2021, pending CIB clearance
      9. Proctor, Joy - Teacher / Career Literacy (Spencer Middle School), effective August 9, 2021, from the substitute list
      10. Jarvis, Howard - Substitute teacher (RCS - Substitutes), effective October 30, 2021
    3. Extracurricular(s)
      1. Harlan, Sara - Assistant Coach, Volleyball (Roane County High School), effective May 28, 2021
  6. Reports of Committees
  7. Superintendent's Remarks
  8. Adjournment
    1. Adjourn until the next regular meeting, Thursday, June 10, 2021, at 6:00 pm at Roane County High School