Roane County Schools

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Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
Board of Education of the County of Roane

January 9, 2020

6:00 pm @ Roane County High School, Spencer, WV

  1. Presentations
    1. Positively ChargedThe following students were honored: Sierra Strickland (All-State Special Honorable Mention Volleyball), Daniel Bush (All-State Special Honorable Mention Football), Roman Moore (All-State 2nd Team Football), Josh Huffman (All-State 1st Team Football), and Trevor Ward (All-State Honorable Mention Soccer). WV Sports Writers Association also named Alex Miller to the 1st Team as an Honorary Selection.
    2. Public ParticipationNone
    3. Student Achievement: Mid-year Review of Goals and Data
  2. New Business for Consideration and Potential Action
    1. Administrative Guidelines for Review
      1. AG 512i - Process for Providing Reimbursement for Tuition and Other Costs to Professional Personnel in Areas of Critical Needs and Shortage
    2. Schedule of BOE meetings for the second half of 2019-20
    3. Continued Discussion of Planning for 2020-21
  3. Consent Agenda - (Action)Motion by Jeffrey Tanner and seconded by Gregory Boggs to approve the following consent agenda as recommended by Richard Duncan, Superintendent. Motion carried. (9:13 pm)
    1. Approval of minutes of Regular Board Meeting on December 19, 2019
    2. Financial
      1. Transfers/supplements to the budget
      2. Payments of bills as submitted; pre-approval to release checks not to exceed $20,000 prior to the next board meeting
      3. Financial Reports
    3. Policies
      1. First Reading
        1. Policy 611 - Placement and Operation of Video Cameras in Certain Special Education Classrooms (new)
      2. Second Reading
        1. Policy 250 - Adoption of Instructional Resources (revised)
        2. Policy 410 - Enrollment (revised)
    4. Contract(s) / Bid(s)
      1. Bid for and approval to purchase 4 new school buses by Blue Bird of West Virginia in the amount of $100,783 each ($403,132 total)
      2. Student Transportation Contract
      3. MOU with Little Kanawha Bus to provide transportation for students in special education program to off-site educational experiences
      4. MOU with BridgeValley Community and Technical College for student practicum experiences
    5. Field Trips
      1. Roane County High School Band to WVU, Morgantown, WV, departing on 2/13/2020 and returning 2/15/2020, transported by personal vehicle
      2. Geary Elementary / Middle School 8th Grade Class to Pigeon Forge, TN, departing 5/22/2020 and returning 5/23/2020, travelling by charter bus
    6. Volunteers
      1. Roane County High School
        1. Laura Hall
    7. Student Transfers
      1. 2 students from Roane County Schools to Jackson County Schools
  4. Personnel Consent Agenda - (Action)Motion by Eileen Richardson and seconded by Jeffrey Tanner to approve the following personnel items as recommended by Richard Duncan, Superintendent. Motion carried. (9:15 pm)
    1. Resignation(s)
      1. Hicks, Tommie - Substitute teacher (RCS - Substitutes), effective December 26, 2019
      2. Sharma, Kanika - Teacher / Math (Roane County High School), effective December 31, 2019
      3. Clarkson, Jane - Coach, Track (Spencer Middle School), effective January 4, 2020
    2. New Employment(s)
      1. Metzger, Timothy - Substitute teacher (RCS - Substitutes), effective January 10, 2020
      2. Bailey, Jessica - School Social Worker (RCS - Student Support Services), effective January 13, 2020
    3. Extracurricular(s)
      1. Boggs, Rebecca - Supplemental Teacher / Tutor / Adult Mentor (Geary Elementary / Middle School), effective January 10, 2020
      2. Poole, JuliAnna - Assistant Coach, Girls Basketball (Auxiliary) (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective January 10, 2020
  5. Reports of Committees
  6. Superintendent's RemarksIt is currently legislative season. The State of the State Address did not mention education much except that more money will be given to food banks and backpack programs. Mountaineer Foodbank used RCHS parking lot to distribute food to about 400 households in 3 hours over the break. There will be a new Mountaineer Challenge Academy opening at the old WVU Tech buildings in Montgomery. If passed, the $3 billion state budget will increase in only $49 million, which is not much.
  7. Adjournment
    1. Adjourn until the next regular meeting on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 6:00 pm at Geary Elementary / Middle School.Motion by Gregory Boggs and seconded by Jeffrey Tanner to approve. Motion carried. (9:24 pm)