Roane County Schools

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Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
Board of Education of the County of Roane

August 25, 2022

6:00 pm @ Roane County High School, Spencer, WV

  1. This meeting can be joined remotely. The public can join by calling 1-304-553-7794 and entering the conference ID 647 998 034 or by joining on Microsoft Teams using this link.
  2. Presentations
    1. Positively ChargedWe would like to recognize our administrators, teachers, and staff for making sure our schools were ready for kids yesterday. We have been off to a good start so far and as of today, enrollment is at 1822 students countywide. This currently places us at a little higher enrollment than last year, but we do have to wait until the official count on October 1st.
    2. Public Participation
    3. Student Achievement
    4. Transparency in ActionA data dashboard that was put together a few years ago is Amongst the data would be finance, attendance, enrollment, and Balanced Scorecards.
  3. New Business for Consideration and Potential Action
    1. Update on School Staffing
    2. Update on Legal and Ethical Advisory Opinions Regarding Constitutional Amendments
    3. Update and Possible Action on Athletic Director at Roane County High SchoolMotion by Jeffrey Mace and seconded by Dennis Carpenter to fix the salary of the athletic director contract at $4,000. Mr. Jeff Mace withdrew this motion.Motion by Dennis Carpenter and seconded by Jeffrey Mace to allow the Superintendent to negotiate a fair and equitable one-year contract for the Athletic Director position at Roane County High School, subject to board approval. Motion carried. (7:51 pm)
  4. Consent Agenda - (Action)Motion by Daris Harper and seconded by Eileen Richardson to approve the following consent agenda as recommended by Richard Duncan, Superintendent. Motion carried. (8:05 pm)
    1. Approval of minutes of the Special Board Meeting on August 11, 2022 and the Regular Board Meeting on August 17, 2022
    2. Financial
      1. Transfers/supplements to the budget
      2. Payments of bills as submitted; pre-approval to release checks not to exceed $20,000 prior to the next board meeting
      3. Financial Reports
    3. Policies
      1. 3rd Reading and Adoption
        1. Policy 340 - Safety (revised)
        2. Policy 341 - Environmental Health and Safety (new)
        3. Policy 544 - Employee Discipline (revised)
        4. Policy 610 - Facilities Maintenance (revised)
        5. Policy 720 - School Visitors (revised)
    4. Contract(s) / Bid(s) / Agreement(s)
      1. Proposal by The Thrasher Group to provide A&E services for Fire Alarm Replacement at Spencer Middle School
      2. Transportation contract for 1 student
    5. Field Trips
      1. RCHS Raider Golf to Pomeroy, Ohio, for match with Wahama on 8/30/2022
      2. RCHS Girls Basketball to Rio Grande, Ohio, for a game on 12/28/2022
    6. Volunteers
      1. Geary Elementary Middle School
        1. Chelsea Jett, Ronnie Batten, Lisa Smith, Gene Smith, Patti Batten, Kimberly Greathouse, Kristie Gray, Kenneth Mollohan, Lori Greenleaf, Athena Blakey, Alisha Jacobson, Gwynna Martin, Jessica Boggs, Jantina Armstrong, Ivy Carper, Rachel Traub, Mark McKown, Christina McKown, Dallas Smith, Julie Mounts, Dawn Roush, Jackie Barney, Daniel Jurkovich, Alexis Tanner, Amber Starcher, Dee Truman, Tina Mace, Cayla Jespersen, Bobby Jespersen, Dustin Parker, Tracy Parker, Whitney Sampson, Annie Goodwin, Autumn Smith, Stacy Sommervile, Allison Holt, Michael Boyd, Kim Martin, Kevin Hall, Shena Hall, Courtney Boyd, Jennifer Randolph, Amber King, Terri Myers, John King, Brittney Duffield, Nathan Jett, Terra Keen-Smith, Heidi Goodwin, Sarah Jett, Twisha Wolfe-Lung, Serena Seen, Letha Davis, Stephanie Cowger, Britney Thomas, Kelcey Spinks, Jacob Harold, Tara Jett, Sarah Looney, Tara Linkinoggor, Judy Harold, Samantha McCune, Samantha Nichols, Christian Hammonds and Judy Wanner
    7. Student Transfers
  5. Personnel Consent Agenda - (Action)Motion by James Minney and seconded by Daris Harper to approve the following personnel items as recommended by Richard Duncan, Superintendent. Motion carried. (8:10 pm)
    1. Resignation(s)
      1. Garner, Natalie - Yearbook Advisor (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective August 19, 2022
      2. Garner, Natalie - Principal (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective August 19, 2022, pending release of contract
      3. Garner, Natalie - Summer SOLE Coordinator (RCS - Central Office), effective August 19, 2022
      4. Drennen, Julie - Assistant Coach, Volleyball (Geary Elementary / Middle School), effective August 24, 2022
      5. Metheney, Andrew - Treasurer / Chief School Business Official (RCS - Central Office), effective September 23, 2022
    2. New Employment(s)
      1. Stotts, Amy - Substitute teacher (RCS - Substitutes), effective August 26, 2022, pending receipt of permit
      2. Williams, Brandi - Teacher / Special Education (Spencer Middle School), effective August 26, 2022
      3. Haywood-Dill, Lynda - Substitute teacher (RCS - Substitutes), effective August 26, 2022
      4. Kirby, Nancy - Substitute teacher (RCS - Substitutes), effective August 26, 2022
      5. Hunt, Jennifer - Principal (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective September 14, 2022, pending release from current employer
    3. Transfer person(s)
      1. Caldwell, Sara - Principal (Geary Elementary / Middle School) to Principal (Spencer Middle School), effective September 6, 2022
    4. Extracurricular(s)
      1. Starcher, Kristina - Game Manager(s) (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective August 26, 2022
      2. Craft, Brian - Assistant Coach, Football (Auxiliary) (Walton Elementary / Middle School), effective August 26, 2022
      3. Coon, Alicia - Head Teacher (Spencer Middle School), effective August 26, 2022
      4. Lawson, Samuel - Assistant Coach, Football (Spencer Middle School), effective August 26, 2022
  6. Reports of Committees
  7. Superintendent's RemarksThere was a smooth opening each of our schools. Most of our challenges are related to issues we have every school year, such as getting kids enrolled in WVEIS, and the transfer of student records, etc. An update on facility issues, at SES, we are building a flood wall to divert water because the drainage system is just getting overwhelmed. We've also added an extra drain near the first grade hallway door to avoid water flooding into the hallway. Tomorrow night will be ribbon cutting for our new field. Coaches from RCHS, SHS, and WHS have been invited to the official opening of the new field. With the varsity football team not returning to the field after this week for another three weeks, we will try to get some middle school games here also.
  8. Adjounment
    1. Adjourn until the next regular board meeting on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 6:00 pm at Roane County High School.Motion by Eileen Richardson and seconded by Dennis Carpenter to approve. Motion carried. (8:23 pm)

The next regular meeting is scheduled for 6:00 pm on September 8, 2022 at Roane County High School.