Roane County Schools

P-2019-030-1: Substitute school nurse (RCS - Substitutes)

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    Superintendent, RCS - Central Office
    School Nurse (PK-Adult)
    (daily rate)
    Posted Dates
    August 9, 2018 - April 11, 2019
    Applications due
    April 11, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Must posess current valid WV licensure as a registered nurse
    WV Professional Student Support Certificate or Long-term Substitute Permit endorsed for School Nurse

    This is a continuous posting. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and as additional substitutes are needed.


    1. Coordinate, plan, and implement the total school health service program, with the Director of Special Education, at the county and school levels, to meet the needs of county students
    2. Deliver health services at the county and school levels
    3. Collaborate with principals and teachers to facilitate health education at the school level including, but not limited to, nutrition education, basic growth and development, personal hygiene, sexually-transmitted disease prevention, substance abuse prevention and cessation, and safety
    4. Utilize community health care resources and interagency partnerships to enhance school health services for county students
    5. Comply with health and screening regulations required by state law, West Virginia Board of Education policies, and Roane County Board of Education policies
    6. Coordinate and facilitate vision, hearing, dental, scoliosis, and other screening activities as necessary
    7. Assess immunization status of children entering school for the first time and provide required information for appropriate regulatory agencies
    8. Provide pre-enrollment screening for preschool and kindergarten students
    9. Assist with pediculosis and scabies screenings, referrals, and recommendations concerning treatment of such.
    10. Document health information for appropriate school personnel and health care agencies, providing statistical health information when necessary. Compile health statistics for required reports.
    11. Initiate appropriate activities and / or interventions to assure that remedial health problems of students are addressed, while also assisting parents with referrals to appropriate health care providers
    12. Act as a resource to special education staff and school administrators with health issues pertaining to individualized education plans and Section 504 plans
    13. Identify and report students at high risk for health problems
    14. Provide for emergency first aid to injured and / or seriously ill students and / or school personnel
    15. Follow up on certain accident reports submitted by principals to protect the interests of the county
    16. Counsel with students and parents; confer with teachers and other school personnel, to share and interpret student health information as appropriate
    17. Control communicable diseases by observing signs and symptoms and providing follow-up measures
    18. Assist with the recording of certain health information on permanent record cards or through the WVEIS when necessary or appropriate
    19. Oversee maintenance of standard health records, providing technical assistance to school administrative and/or secretarial personnel
    20. Assist with special medical clinics, or providing health-related services (i.e., PPD tests, blood pressure screenings, etc.) to students and / or school employees as requested by administration.
    21. Implement and evaluate effective screening procedures and health care techniques to meet current health needs of students.
    22. Plan health related inservice programs (i.e., first aid, CPR) for school personnel or others as requested by administration.
    23. Coordinate and provide orientation for new staff members and continuing education as requested or required by state or local regulations
    24. Maintain first aid supplies
    25. Recommend and evaluate the purchase of special health-related equipment and supplies
    26. Establish communication with parents, the community, and other health care providers on health-related issues
    27. Assist with the dissemination of public awareness and school / community relations materials related to health and safety, including resources which relate known health issues to wellness and substance abuse cessation.
    28. Participate in relevant training as recommended and / or approved by the Director of Special Education and / or Superintendent.
    29. Utilize self-appraisal for the improvement of job description skills
    30. Demonstrate unbiased attitudes in fulfilling administrative responsibilities
    31. Perform any other reasonable and appropriate duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education and / or Superintendent or designee