Roane County Schools

EC-2024-043-1: Social Media Coordinator (Spencer Middle School [Roane County])

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    September 21, 2023 at 3:00 pm
    Principal, Spencer Middle School
    $500.00 for completion of the assignment
    Non-salary benefits not provided for this assignment.
    Must hold or be eligible to hold a West Virginia Professional Teaching Certificate.
    Must be otherwise assigned at least 50% of each regular working day at the assigned school.
    Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to use technology-enhanced and technology-enabled tools and applications.
    Demonstrated, successful experience as a classroom teacher, student support personnel, or administrator is preferred.
    Demonstrated, successful experience using social media to promote events, organizations, and/or businesses is preferred.
    Develop, monitor, and administer social media account(s) and website on behalf of assigned school.
    Develop, edit, and post information, photographs, video, and other media to school social media account(s) and website, including but not limited to event announcements, holiday messages, school calendar related messages, and regular updates on student achievement and activities.
    Monitor and engage comments and other feedback from the public, including maintenance of an acceptable use statement for any public-facing social media presence, and filtering or removal of content deemed inappropriate and / or in violation of such statement, and referral of information or questions to principal and / or others as appropriate.
    Provide access to social media account(s) operated on behalf of assigned school to principal and / or others as determined by the principal and Superintendent.
    Facilitate and provide training for school staff as requested.
    Prepare and deliver reports, presentations, and analyses as required.
    Attend meetings, conferences, and professional development opportunities as required.
    Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.