Roane County Schools

EC-2024-045-1: Game Manager(s) (Spencer Middle School [Roane County])

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    September 21, 2023 at 3:00 pm
    Principal, Spencer Middle School
    $50.00 for completion of the assignment
    Non-salary benefits not provided for this assignment.
    Must possess or be eligible to possess a West Virginia Professional Teaching Certificate or Authorization for Coach
    Excellent interpersonal and professional communication skills.
    Demonstrated knowledge and experience as a school administrator, athletic coach, and/or other occupation related to athletics preferred.
    Oversee and administer the operations of assigned home athletic event and serve as point-of-contact for and represent the Board to officials, visiting coaches, gate and concessions workers, and law enforcement as needed.
    With Athletic Director and/or principal of host school, ensure that event is properly staffed, facilities are available at the appropriate times, and secure facility upon completion of event.
    Working with officials and/or law enforcement as needed, ensure that event is conducted safely and spectators remain respectful and behave as expected at all times, while serving as Superintendent’s designee should the need arise to remove an individual(s) from the facility.
    Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor and/or the Superintendent.