Roane County Schools

P-2024-043-5: Teacher / 6th Grade (Spencer Middle School [Roane County])

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    September 21, 2023 at 3:00 pm
    Principal, Spencer Middle School
    Elementary Education ()
    Contract length
    200 days
    Salary based on experience and education level per Roane County salary schedule. Expected range: $33,838 - $64,637.
    Health and basic life insurance provided through West Virginia's Public Employees Insurance Agency. Health insurance premiums, which vary by plan and coverage level, split 80/20 between employer and employee. Basic life insurance provided at no cost to the employee.
    Position requires enrollment in the Teachers Retirement System through West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board. New enrollees contribute 6% of gross salary with a matching contribution by the Board of 7.5%. Vestment requires 10 years of qualified service. Withdraw of employee contributions available upon leaving employment with a WV county board of education if deisred.
    15 annual days of personal leave provided, pro-rated for those hired after the start of the current employment term. Up to 4 days may be used each school year without cause pursuant to state and local policies.
    Pro-rated local attendance incentive (up to $500) provided for those who use fewer than 6 days of personal leave each school year.
    State attendance incentive ($500) provided for those who use 4 or fewer days of personal leave each school year.
    Additional benefits at the employee's expense.
    Meet qualifications as outlined in West Virginia Code 18A-4-7a.
    Meet minimum standards for certification as set forth by the West Virginia Board of Education in Minimum Standards for Licensure of West Virginia School Personnel for his or her specific content.
    Exhibit knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the classroom teacher and the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as demonstrated in a personnel interview, which will be weighed heavily in the search/selection process.
    Show ability to communicate effectively with students, school personnel, parents, and community members.
    Show ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.
    Show ability to motivate students and lead them to become independent learners in the 21st century.
    Present evidence of high academic achievement in teacher preparation program.
    Possess good evaluations and /or recommendations from educational instructors, professional associates, employers, and/or supervisors.
    Undergo or provide documentation of a criminal history record check within previous ninety (90) days.
    Implement programs of study as outlined in state curriculum guidelines.
    Foster a classroom climate conducive to learning.
    Utilize instructional management systems models that increase student learning.
    Monitor student progress towards mastery of instructional goals and objectives.
    Communicate effectively within the educational community, and with parents on a regular basis.
    Demonstrate behavior that reflects established professional responsibilities (i.e. attendance, punctuality and verbal/nonverbal communication).
    Demonstrate competency in the knowledge and implementation of technology standards.
    Keep abreast of and strive to meet county/school goals.
    Participate in activities that foster professional growth.
    Perform assigned duties as assigned by the principal or assigned director.