Roane County Schools

S-2019-036-1: Accountant III / Executive Secretary / Payroll Supervisor (RCS - Central Office)

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  • Supervisor
    Treasurer / Chief School Business Official, RCS - Central Office
    Contract length
    261 days
    Grade G
    Regular Shift
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Posted Dates
    November 30, 2018 - December 7, 2018
    Applications due
    December 7, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Currently hold or previously held classification of Accountant, or passage of state competency exam for Accountant
    Per WV Code 18A-4-8, must have completed twelve college hours of accounting from an accredited institution of higher education or have at least eight years of experience performing progressively difficult accounting tasks.
    High School Diploma or equivalent


    1. Follow procedures to maintain confidentiality of all data.
    2. Prepare a schedule of accounts payable and receivable.
    3. Prepare cash disbursement reports.
    4. Prepare checks to pay bills.
    5. Input, prepare, and reconcile data to process payroll statements.
    6. Prepare and input individual employee’s earnings records.
    7. Make salary adjustments.
    8. Monitor board meeting agendas and minutes and update employee assignments as necessary.
    9. Verify the budget code and vendor address on all purchase orders.
    10. Maintain alphabetical files on completed and pending purchase orders.
    11. Verify invoices with receiving copies of purchase orders.
    12. Notify vendors regarding proper billing and credit of purchase orders.
    13. Receive invoices, audit for accuracy, and match with purchase order receipts approved for payment.
    14. Organize monthly bills for payment on a prescribed time schedule in accordance with data processing procedures.
    15. Maintain a file of paid orders which includes copies of purchase order receipts, invoices, and check copies.
    16. Reconcile accounts.
    17. Maintain financial records on all employees with salary and related information.
    18. Issue Federal form W-2 withholding statements to employees.
    19. Prepare statements, maintain records, and submit information as needed in coordination of employee benefit and retirement programs.
    20. Ensure that information submitted to other agencies, including but not limited to PEIA and the Consolidated Public Retirement Board, is accurate and submitted in a timely fashion.
    21. Communicate with employees regarding requirements and changes to employee benefits and retirement programs.
    22. Request and maintain W-9 for each new vendor.
    23. Issue Federal form 1099-MISC to vendors.
    24. Bill and receive payment for supplemental pay.
    25. Work with travel authorizations and verify expense accounts to travel policy.
    26. Audit individual school accounting records.
    27. Invoice vendors for services rendered or reimbursements.
    28. Receipt, code, and post all revenue.
    29. Prepare and make bank deposits.
    30. Reconcile monthly bank statements.
    31. Maintain a purchase order log.
    32. Prepare payroll deduction invoices.
    33. Maintain a self-regulating work ethic and attention to timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness.
    34. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.