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P-2020-021-3: Counselor (Spencer Elementary School)

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  • Supervisor
    Principal, Spencer Elementary School
    Counselor (PK-Adult)
    Contract length
    200 days
    Salary based on experience and education level per Roane County salary schedule
    Posted Dates
    July 8, 2019 - July 12, 2019
    Applications due
    July 12, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Master's Degree in School Counseling
    At least three years successful teaching experience preferred
    Professional Student Support Certificate endorsed for School Counselor
    Demonstrated skills in human relations
    Knowledge and experience in working with WVEIS
    Must be able to articulate to a wide range of individuals the program, as well as show the results of the counseling program
    Must have excellent organizational skills
    Must demonstrate a dynamic evaluation process on school needs and outcomes


    1. Plans, prepares and implements new guidance programs or facilitates change in existing programs
    2. Identifies needs of students and others and develops action plans based on assessment in preparation for implementation of new programs or facilitation of change in existing programs
    3. Organizes, directs, or coordinates programs that include responsibility for budgeting, staffing, reporting and other similar activities in regard to the guidance program
    4. Gathers and interprets data from individuals, groups, or programs to assess needs and programs
    5. Delivers services to students and others to improve skills/functional abilities or inform recipients of available services
    6. Assists teachers and principals with students who have problems in a number of areas such as discipline, academics, or personal problems, and students who have various exceptionalities
    7. Counselors shall spend at least 75 percent of the work day in a direct counseling relationship with students, and shall devote no more than 25 percent of the work day to counseling-related administrative activities as stated in W.Va. Code §18 5 18b and Policy 2315
    8. Identifies “at risk” students and works toward implementation of strategies to promote graduation
    9. Administers and interprets any special tests related to counseling (i.e. self-concept scales, interest inventories, vocational assessments, etc.)
    10. Uses guidance techniques to assist the pupil in making educational and/or career plans
    11. Collaborates with school personnel, parents and the community to assist with and coordinate the delivery of services to students
    12. Facilitates professional development activities to achieve goals
    13. Develops and improves individual competence and skill in delivering services consistent with professional standards
    14. Demonstrates competency and knowledge in the implementation of technology standards identified by the West Virginia Board of Education policies which are based on the ISTE Standards
    15. Other duties and responsibilities as may be reasonably assigned by the Principal, Director of Student Support Services, and/or the Superintendent