Roane County Schools

S-2020-023-1: Accountant II / Executive Secretary (RCS - Central Office)

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  • Supervisor
    Director of Student Support Services, RCS - Central Office
    Contract length
    240 days
    Grade G
    Regular Shift
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Posted Dates
    August 9, 2019 - August 16, 2019
    Applications due
    August 16, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Currently hold or previously held classification of Accountant, or passage of state competency exam for Accountant
    Currently hold or previously held classification of Secretary, or passage of state competency exam for Secretary
    High school diploma or equivalent

    This position posted pending Board action to accept the resignation of the incumbent.


    1. Organize, schedule, and prepare materials for daily and special activities.
    2. Input and follow up on maintenance work orders.
    3. Maintain an efficient filing system in both electronic and hardcopy format.
    4. Maintain student records including student transcripts, permanent record cards, absentee, discipline, and tardy lists.
    5. Maintain personnel records such as certifications and other forms as required by respective office.
    6. Sort, stamp date received, and route incoming mail.
    7. Prioritize tasks by order of importance.
    8. Answer and route incoming telephone calls.
    9. Maintain confidentiality and exhibit ethical behavior as required by the position.
    10. Maintain a positive, professional attitude, and appearance at all times.
    11. Receive and work with students, parents, public, and officials who enter the facility in a professional manner.
    12. Maintain strict records and follow protocol for signing out students to authorized persons.
    13. Practice good safety habits and have knowledge of basic first aid.
    14. Be familiar with emergency preparedness and security procedures.
    15. Administer medications as appropriate.
    16. Order and stock office supplies and prepare invoices.
    17. Perform bookkeeping and financial activities such as purchase orders, time sheets, balance books, balance bank statements, prepare checks, and make bank deposits.
    18. Prepare correspondence using correct format and grammar.
    19. Proof correspondence, reports, and other documents for grammar, form, and mechanical errors.
    20. Enter and retrieve information and data from the West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS) as it relates to the job.
    21. Attend board / faculty meetings and take minutes as required by the respective office.
    22. Have working knowledge of the school lunch program which includes daily lunch activities, scheduling, reports, preparing lunch bills, and collections.
    23. Have a working knowledge of computer word processing software and other computer software pertinent to the respective office.
    24. Operate and monitor maintenance of office machines such as computer, copier, fax machine, calculator, scanner, and printer.
    25. Follow procedures to maintain confidentiality of all data.
    26. Prepare a schedule of accounts payable and receivable.
    27. Prepare cash disbursement reports.
    28. Prepare checks to pay bills.
    29. Verify the budget code and vendor address on all purchase orders.
    30. Maintain alphabetical files on completed and pending purchase orders.
    31. Verify invoices with receiving copies of purchase orders.
    32. Notify vendors regarding proper billing and credit of purchase orders.
    33. Receive invoices, audit for accuracy, and match with purchase order receipts approved for payment.
    34. Organize monthly bills for payment on a prescribed time schedule in accordance with data processing procedures.
    35. Maintain a file of paid orders which includes copies of purchase order receipts, invoices, and check copies.
    36. Reconcile accounts.
    37. Request and maintain W-9 for each new vendor.
    38. Issue Federal form 1099-MISC to vendors.
    39. Bill and receive payment for supplemental pay.
    40. Invoice vendors for services rendered or reimbursements.
    41. Receipt, code, and post all revenue.
    42. Prepare and make bank deposits.
    43. Reconcile monthly bank statements.
    44. Maintain a purchase order log.
    45. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.