Roane County Schools

P-2020-039-2: Assistant Principal (Spencer Elementary School)

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  • Supervisor
    Principal, Spencer Elementary School
    Contract length
    210 days
    Salary based on experience and education level per Roane County salary schedule
    Posted Dates
    October 7, 2019 - October 14, 2019
    Applications due
    October 14, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Must possess a Master's Degree in educational leadership or similar field and hold or be eligible to hold a West Virginia Professional Administrative Certificate.
    Demonstrated skills in school building organization, management, and scheduling.
    Knowledge and experience in working with WVEIS
    Excellent communication and personnel skills, with a compatible background in curriculum and instruction.
    Demonstrated knowledge and/or skills in maintaining high rates of student attendance, academic achievement, and disciplinary standards.
    Willingness to work flexible hours.


    1. Demonstrates instructional leadership to enhance school effectiveness by improving instruction and augmenting student performance.
    2. Provides purpose and direction for schools, by viewing self as the school's leader, initiating action, taking responsibility, and motivating others to assist in setting and achieving the goals.
    3. Demonstrates cognitive skills to gather, analyze, and synthesize information to reach goals.
    4. Manages group behaviors utilizing persuasiveness and sensitivity to achieve consensus.
    5. Enhances quality of total school organization by establishing high work standards for self and others.
    6. Organizes and delegates to accomplish goals by establishing priorities and assigning tasks and activities.
    7. Communicates effectively with staff, students, parents, supervisors, and community.
    8. Provides leadership in the implementation of technology standards.
    9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal and the Superintendent.