Roane County Schools

P-2020-040-1: School Psychologist (RCS - Central Office)

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  • Supervisor
    Director of Student Support Services, RCS - Central Office
    School Psychologist (PK-Adult)
    Contract length
    210 days
    Salary based on experience and education level per Roane County salary schedule
    Posted Dates
    November 6, 2019 - January 30, 2020
    Applications due
    January 30, 2020 at 3:00 pm
    Master's degree with certification as a School Psychologist.
    Teaching experience preferred.
    Strong background in human relations.

    This posting was extended on November 14, 2019, through December 4, 2019; and again on December 5, 2019, through December 18, 2019; on December 19, 2019, through January 8, 2020; on January 9, 2020, through January 15, 2020; and again on January 16, 2020, through January 29, 2020.


    1. Examine children, by individual and group tests, for ungraded classes and special classes in which general or special mental abilities of the pupils are main factors.
    2. Diagnose learning difficulties of children and make recommendations for remedial treatment.
    3. Investigate causes of personality and social maladjustments.
    4. Recommend the diagnostic and remedial measures used by teachers in overcoming learning difficulties or social maladjustments of pupils.
    5. Give individual assistance to pupils in overcoming learning difficulties and maladjustments.
    6. Confer with teachers and parents with regard to the learning difficulties and maladjustments.
    7. Advise teachers and administrators regarding matters relating to psychological problems of children.
    8. Act as liaison between in-school and outside school personnel for psychological service issues.
    9. Provide "resource information" to all county personnel concerning testing and evaluation and maintain county library on testing information.
    10. Attend workshops and participate in research projects, in-service and training to continue education relevant to the field of school psychology and other related subjects.
    11. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools and/or the Director of Special Education.