Roane County Schools

EC-2020-075-2: Family Engagement Coordinator (RCS - Central Office)

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  • Supervisor
    Director of Curriculum & Instructional Support, RCS - Central Office
    $20 per hour
    Posted Dates
    January 24, 2020 - February 20, 2020
    Applications due
    February 20, 2020 at 3:00 pm
    Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, or higher.
    Excellent oral and written communication skills are required.
    Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs is preferred.

    Minimum 7 hours per week, maximum 14 hours per week.

    35 week term, not to exceed 463 total hours. (To be pro-rated for remainder of 2019-20)

    This posting was extended on January 31, 2020, through February 6, 2020; on February 7, 2020, through February 13, 2020; and again on February 14, 2020, through February 20, 2020.


    1. Serve as the liaison between school and parents, relaying the needs of one to the other; ensure that Title I, Part A and IDEA parent engagement regulations are met with meaningful and strategic actions to build parent capacity under these sections of the law; educate teachers and staff on how to communicate and work effectively with parents as equal partners in ensuring the academic achievement of their students; provide opportunities to develop effective family, school, and community partnerships to support student achievement and school improvement; help parents understand the school system so they can become better advocates for their children’s education; expand opportunities for continued learning, voluntary classroom service and school participation; advise and trains parents on how to address issues with teachers and the school leadership staff; provide referrals for community-based services for families dealing with conditions that impact the academic achievement of their students; develop community collaborations; promote sharing of power with parents as decision-makers.
    2. Coordinate and implement research-based strategies for the local school(s) and/or district parent engagement program to engage parents in improving student achievement through the National PTA Family-School Partnership Standards and the WVDE Family Engagement Mission and Core Beliefs; collaborate with local, regional, and state organizations to create opportunities to help families understand school academic standards, assessments and academic reports; collaborate with parents, teachers, and the school’s leadership team to develop a family-friendly school climate; coordinate opportunities for parents and volunteers to contribute in positive ways towards student achievement and recognize their contributions; collaborate with other parent engagement professionals such as parent mentors and early education school transition coaches or other designees; promote parents as partners by involving them in the decision-making process regarding parental engagement activities and school improvement.
    3. Provide workshops, classes, and activities for parents at their local school(s) and/or district on a regular basis; recruit volunteers from the community to host various workshops and classes to speak directly with parents; provide school engagement materials such as event calendars, brochures, educational resources, videos and digital and social media; conduct professional learning training with all faculty and staff to determine school needs and discuss purposeful administration of effective strategies in family engagement; create opportunities for parents who have limited English proficiency, a disability or are underrepresented because of social economics or racial barriers to participate in education initiatives and enrichment workshops; provide technical assistance relating to parental engagement at the local school or district level.
    4. Complete an evaluation to assess the needs of parents at the local school(s) and/or district; review annual reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the parent engagement programs; develop, analyze, and distribute the results of annual evaluations to the school’s leadership team and/or Title I Director and/or special education director if mandated as well as other stakeholders.